Welcome; After twenty one years of business success as Online Systems Inc. I am excited to announce that we are changing the name of our company to Control Point Design Inc. This name change is essential for the growth of our company! This adjustment will allow us to more effectively serve our current and future clients. The name change will also be the centerpiece of a major new marketing campaign aimed at promoting a new level of awareness to the market of our incredibly powerful process plant design solutions. This exciting and unique solution leverages the power of 3D CAD

Blog by Frank Latz To an engineer or CAD designer working on an industrial plant rework project, 3D laser scans are like potato chips. The more you eat, the more you want. The problem is trying to get them to open the bag and taste that first delicious chip. After all, the benefits of 3D laser scanning for process plant design are very compelling. So why isn’t everybody embracing 3D laser scanning? To answer this question let’s take a look into the history of our industry. For over 150 years the draftsman’s tools and techniques remained unchanged (straight edge, pencil,

3D LASER SCANS FOR PROCESS PLANT PIPING DESIGN….. ON GRID Blog by Frank Latz 12/29/11 It seems that whenever I speak to a group of designers about the benefits of leveraging 3D piping design with laser scanning there is someone in the group raises the question “How do you get the laser scans to coinside with our existing plant coordinate system?”.  I just love that question because this is realy the sharp point of the sword in determining just how valuable the laser scans will be to the 3D piping design team. My answer always starts out the same “

THE TECHNOLOGY JUMP WE HAVE BEEN WAITING FOR Blog by Frank Latz & Gordon Sexton 12/26/12 Control Point Design is known for staying ahead of the competition by embracing the very latest technologies. Our recent acquisition of the new Leica Scan Station P20 is evidence of that ongoing commitment. In my opinion the P20 represents the greatest incremental leap in scanning technology in recent years. That’s why we were one of the first companies to place an order for one. The technology leap of the P20 clearly wins the battle between “time of flight” vs. “phase shift” technologies. In short: