Control Point Design Inc. Features the Leica High-Definition Surveying Laser Scanning System

Whether you’re designing a modification to a complex refinery piping system, surveying a site or documenting a historic building, you need reliable measurements. Engineers and contractors are often faced with the need to capture dimensional data of existing structures, process plants, or mechanical systems for retrofit projects. Whatever the reason, when your as-built information has to be right, Control Point Design trusts the advanced technology of Leica Geosystems, the company that professionals trust for their scanning solutions.

Leica Geosystems is best known for pioneering scanning technology with trustworthy, versatile and accurate laser scanners and industry standard point cloud software that all deliver precision, quality and incredible results for our customers.

Laser Scanning Technology This advanced Laser Scanning Technology captures an entire scene in 3D space, quickly and accurately. The resulting “point clouds” are then imported into a CAD environment where a variety of electronic deliverables can be constructed. Total Station is used to tie the “point clouds” into a plant grid system, property boundaries, or other orientation datum.

Total Station and Laser Scanning technologies together give Control Point Design the unique ability to provide high speed, high accuracy, high value deliverables.

Prefabrication can now be expanded on construction projects to areas previously not thought possible.

Deliverables may include complete integrated design packages, raw “point clouds” (3D imagery); 2D raster imagery; 3D CAD files and 2D CAD files.

Uses for this technology are not limited to retrofit design and construction projects. Anytime there is a need to capture complex geometry quickly and accurately, Laser Scanning is the answer. Control Point Design has the resources and trained staff to bring the benefits of 3-D Laser Scanning to our clients.

Control Point Design uses the Leica High-Definition Surveying Laser Scanning System because they want your design right….the first time!