We believe the strongest testimony to our work comes directly from the clients we serve. We believe in and practice continuous improvement; therefore we constantly seek feedback from our clients on our performance and their suggestions for improvement. Control Point Design takes pride in building strong relationships with our clients and is pleased that our clients equally value our relationship and services.

Control Point Design has consistently exceeded my expectations by offering innovative design solutions over the past twelve years. They have generated significant value by taking operations into consideration when designing our systems. The CPD Team has the ability to quickly learn our systems, listen to our needs and propose solutions we’ve yet to consider.

Mark Tessier, Unit Supervisor

Flint Hills Resources, Pine Bend Refinery

Control Point Design has helped our project team complete one of its most successful projects. Their Team created a high-level conceptual design that met the business objectives, was operator friendly and worked the first time in the field. Their efforts directly contributed to our ability to bring a product to market ahead of our competitors and successfully meet EPA requirements

Tom Church, Lead Project Manager

Flint Hills Resources, Pine Bend Refinery

We are so confident in the value that Control Point Design will bring to a job that we do not add any cost to our bid for their services. The level of detail and accuracy of their drawings pays for itself in increased production in the field. Their industrial experience brings a level of discipline and attention to detail that is extremely valuable in the commercial construction industry.

Rob Wilder, Project Manager

Horwitz Inc.

Frank serves as a core team member contributing insightful ideas and delivering solutions that go beyond piping from point A to point B. His entire team fills a niche by providing design integration between large scale expansion projects and existing plant operations. They have provided us with flexible and efficient designs that have created competitive advantages for us over our competitors.

Jeff Roe, Manager Business Development

Flint Hills Resources, Pine Bend

The entire Control Point Design team has the unique ability to build rapport with customers and that makes them stand apart from other design professionals I have worked with. Frank Latz and his team fills a niche by drawing out the best ideas from people and creating value that culminates in a comprehensive design meeting both project needs and expectations. Their extensive and intimate knowledge of our off-site piping system is invaluable to our project work.

Lynn Kram, Project Manager

Flint Hills Resources, Pine Bend

Having the Control Point Design team involved in the design of our project was very beneficial. They delivered everything we asked for and positively impacted project profitability by meeting project deadlines. The entire team was friendly and extremely responsive in meeting our needs. I have recommended them to others and will continue to do so in the future.

Jacobs Engineering Group

Frank and his team understands and remains focused on the objectives of the project. Their expert design capabilities help increase project value. Their unique 3D laser scanning technology has increased efficiencies for our projects. We now have the ability to propose a piping modification and Control Point Design can engineer the change from 4,000 miles away; saving us both time and money.

John Garris, Project Engineer

Flint Hills Resources, Alaska